Workshop Title:

Empowering Teachers to Conduct Vision Screening on School Children


March 10th, 2023 (GMT+8)


School of Optometry, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, UCSI University


  • Vision screening
  • School children
  • Teachers
  • Eye

Workshop Chair:

Dr. Lili Asma Ismail
Associate Professor in UCSI University

Personal Bio:

Dr. Lili Asma Ismail is a lecturer and Associate Professor with the School of Optometry, UCSI University. She obtained her Bachelor of Optometry and Masters in Health Sciences from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. She received her Doctor of Philosophy in Community Health from Universiti Putra Malaysia. Her working experience includes Kobayashi Optical, Hospital Kuala Lumpur and Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan. Dr. Lili joined academia as a lecturer in 2004 at the International University of Technology, Twintech. She later joined SEGI University as a lecturer in 2010 and furthered her career at UCSI University in 2014. Her research interest includes myopia, contact lens and public health.

Workshop Description:


This workshop will empower the school teachers to perform vision screening on their school children. In addition, the teachers will also be taught on how to make timely and appropriate referral if a child has been found to fail in vision screening. This is crucial to ensure the identified children get an immediate comprehensive eye examination by the Optometrists. This workshop will be able to empower the school teachers to conduct vision screening confidently and could reduce the prevalence of visual impairment among school children through the early detection of visual problems. School children will have a better learning process with better vision.


Visual problems among school children such as amblyopia is a significant problem in Malaysia. Almost 87% of visual impairments were due to uncorrected refractive error. The school children's academic performance can be affected due to their untreated visual problems. It is important to detect visual problems as early as possible. Through this workshop, we will empower the school teachers on the knowledge of visual systems and to perform vision screening. They will also be educated appropriate referral process if any children were detected to have visual problems.

Scope and Information for Participants:

The scope of the workshop will cover topics related to vision problems in childhood, eye diseases and common vision anomalies and consequences of uncorrected refractive error, binocular anomalies and vision disorder that is not managed and addressed early. The participants will be given a presentation on vision problems affecting children at an early age and the importance to detect vision problems early while still in the preschool years. The participants will also be given a demonstration on how to conduct vision screening. A hands-on session will be conducted with all participants to practice the vision screening among themselves. This workshop is expected to empower the teachers in conducting vision screening and increase their knowledge of the visual system in young children. This will enable the teachers to identify visual problems among school children as early as possible.Questionnaires will be given before and after hands-on sessions to test their understanding.


Block E, UCSI University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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